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Dr. Jayant Thareja

BDS, MDS, (Oral & Maxillfacial Surgery)
Dr. Jayant Thareja
Experience 10 Years
Speciality Dentist
Other treatment areas Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeon
Languages spoken English, Hindi


Dr. Jayant Thareja, MDS is a doctor primarily located in Alwar, Rajasthan. The doctor specializes as a Oral Surgeon. The doctor speaks English and Hindi.

Dr. Jayant Thareja is an Oral & Maxillofacial surgeon who has a good expertise professionally.

He has a clinical experience of 12 years in his field as a surgeon.

He completed his BDS in 2007 and his specialization MDS, in Oral & Maxillofacial surgery in 2010.

He has been a resident at AIIMS Trauma Centre Delhi.

He is practicing at Thareja Nursing Home for last 7 years.

The services provided by him are Oral Surgery Procedures which include.

  • Treatment of Jaw Fractures
  • Dental Implants
  • Treatment of Oral Ulcers, Lesions
  • OSMF (Oral Submucous fibrosis)

Indian Dental Association

Indian Medical Association (IMA)

Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons of India (AOMSI)

AO Trauma Foundation

Dental Surgeon

Dentists, also known as dental surgeons, are doctors who specialize in dentistry, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases and conditions of the oral cavity. The dentist's supporting team aids in providing oral health services. The dental team includes dental assistants, dental hygienists, dental technicians, and in some states, dental therapists.